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SD-2600 Acrylic Electronic cutting saw



SD-2600/1350/1300Acrylic Electronic cutting saw





♦ Reliable servo motor and control device

♦ High quality panasonic controller PLC

♦ Acrylic special purpose clamp, convenient for small materials




♦ Electronic ruler from German, precision compensation, resolution ±0.01mm

♦ Easy to transport materials, steel ball type air floating table, avoid the surface scratches

♦ Simplified, easy-to-learn control systems are dedicated to PMMA,MS,PS


♦ The guide rail of saw seat adopts imported brand, the Sawing straightness≤0.06mm, with high precision and heavy load.Servo control is specially used for PMMA and PS/MS




The three axes of the equipment adopt imported precise linear guide rail, which is specially designed for precise cutting of PMMA,PS,MS and other plastic plates.


1. HD Touch screen control system:


1) Easy operation, safety & reliable.


2) Which has complete operating hints and troubleshooting guide functions.


3) It’s cutting plan can edit manually; can simulate or execute cutting plans


4) Can compatible with bar code manage software or factory automation software. 5) Machine can receive high precesion about 0.01mm.


2. Add side aligning system::Fix cutting panel width side, control panels won’t move or shake when sawing, ensure sawing precision. Pressure can be adjusted according to difference thickness, weight and material, ensure the precision of sawing dimension.Which reduce unused moving time and greatly improve efficiency.


3.. Loading system: Air floating loading table,avoiding board scratching and assuring smoother board movement, suit for heavy and big type PMMA, MS, PS, PLEXIGLASS, ACRYLIC, PLASTIC .


The main technical parameters:


Unit type SD-2600 SD-2600X SD-1350
Scope of application PMMA、PS、MS
Dimensions(L × W×H) 5230mm×5085mm×1660mm 5230mm×4585mm×1660mm 2600mm×1350mm×60mm
Sawing length 2600mm 2600mm 2600mm
Sawing width 2600mm 2600mm 1350mm
Sawing thickness 120mm 80mm 60mm
Dia.of main saw blade φ305-455mm φ305-405mm φ305-355mm
Axis dia.of main saw blade φ30mm φ30mm φ30mm
Rotate speed of main saw blade 2000- 5000rpm(fequency control of motor speed ) 2000-5000rpm(fequency control of motor speed ) 2000-5000rmp(fequency control of motor speed )
Dia.Of grooving saw blade φ200 (optional ) No No
Axis dia.Of grooving saw blade φ30mm No No
Rotate speed of grooving saw blade 7000rpm No No
Saw carriage forward speed 1-30m/min 1-30m/min 1-30m/min
Saw carriage back speed 60m/min 60m/min 60m/min
Head saw motor 11KW 11KW 7.5KW
Saw base drive motor 1000W (Imported servo ) 1000W (Imported servo ) 750W (Imported servo or Made in China )
Automatic feeding motor 1000W (Imported servo ) 1000W (Imported servo ) 750W (Imported servo or Made in China )
High pressure blower motor 2.2KW 2.2KW


Total Power 16KW 16KW 11KW
Automatic feeding speed 0- 50m/min 0-50m/min 0-50m/min
Operation pressure 5-7kg/cm² 5- 7kg/cm2 5- 7kg/cm2
Workbench height 960mm 960mm 940mm
Machine net weight 4500kg 3500kg 3000kg


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