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SD-1350A high-speed polisher

SD-1350A high-speed polisher

Product Examples:


  1.The whole machine adopts the natural marble,which is featured with strong stability,effectively avoiding the easy deformation of iron casting;

  2.The processing speed is quick,and it can reach 2 meters per minute;

  3.The cutter adopts the detachable centimeter with fast insert cutter and accurate toolsetting.The operation is simple with quick stuffing;

  4.Infinite circular process(it can be reprocessed without standby)

  5.It has the operation safety protection device.

The main technical parameters:


Unit type SD-1350A
Machine size 2160mm(L)×1200mm(W)×1500mm(H)
Power supply AC380
Work area 1300mm(L)×120mm(T)(extensible)
Spindle speed 6000-12000rpm
Processing speed 0-2m/min
Cutting angle 0-60°
Steam input ≥0.5mpa
Machine power 3.5kw
Processing way spindle feeding
Suction Inlet φ100mm
Cutting depth 0-1mm
Machine weight 1300kg


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