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SD-1300 Acrylic Electronic cutting saw
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SD-1300 Acrylic Electronic cutting saw

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Cutting saw

♦ Adopting Hechuan servo motor and control device

♦ Roller working table for easy feeding

♦ Acrylic special purpose clamp conbenientfor small materials

♦ High quality Panasonic controller PLC

♦ Streamlined, easy-to-learn control systems are dedicated to PMMA,MS,PS

♦ The guide rail of saw seatadopts imported brand,the Sawing straightness≤0.06mm with high precision and heavy load.


our company has more than 10 years of acrylic professional equipment, design,production experience,very familiar with the physical characteristics and processing technology of acrylic sheet; For the traditional manual cutting board saw,the advantages of electronic saw are high safety,high efficiency,high precision, easy to operate;

The three axes of the equipment adopt imported precise linear guide rail, which is specially designed for precise cutting of PMMA,PS,MS and other plastic plates.


The main technical parameters:

Unit type SD-2600 SD-1350 SD-1300
Scope of application PMMA、PS、MS
Dimensions(L × W×H) 5230mm×5085mm×1660mm 5200mm×3400mm×1560mm 4700mm×2540mm×1350mm
Sawing length 2600mm 2600mm 2500mm
Sawing width 2600mm 1350mm 1300mm
Sawing thickness 80mm 60mm 50mm
Dia.of main saw blade φ305-405mm φ305-355mm φ305-355mm
Axis dia.of main saw blade φ30mm φ30mm φ30mm
Rotate speed of main saw blade 2000- 5000rpm(fequency control of motor speed ) 4800rpm(fequency control of motor speed ) 3000rmp
Dia.Of grooving saw blade φ180 (optional ) No No
Axis dia.Of grooving saw blade φ30mm No No
Rotate speed of grooving saw blade 7000rpm No No
Saw carriage forward speed 1-30m/min 1-30m/min 1-20m/min
Saw carriage back speed 60m/min 60m/min 30m/min
Head saw motor 11KW 7.5KW 5.5KW
Saw base drive motor 1000W (Panasonic servo ) 750W (Panasonic servo )

Stepper motor ( Optional servo motor )

Automatic feeding motor 1000W (Panasonic servo ) 750W (Panasonic servo )

750W(Delta or huichuan servo)

High pressure blower motor 2.2KW 1.5KW

None ( Optional)

Total Power 13KW 9.5KW 7KW
Automatic feeding speed 0- 50m/min 0-50m/min 0-50m/min
Operation pressure 5-7kg/cm² 5- 7kg/cm2 5- 7kg/cm2
Workbench height 960mm 940mm 930mm
Machine net weight 4000kg 2500kg 1800kg


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