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G1000 High speed chamfering machine

G1000 High speed chamfering machine

♦ Acrylic, PS, PC, PE, insulating materials, light guide plate, PVC chamfering


♦ G1000


1.Adopt self-developed patent automatic feeder; withEasy to process small materials,stepless speed control,stable feeding and so on;

2.The worktop is polished and electroplated,smooth and flat,Avoid scratches on the surface of the product during processing.

The main technical parameters:


Unit type G1000
Machine size 1000mm(L)×650mm(W)×1260mm(H)
Power supply AC220
Processing mode automatic feeding
   Workbench 1000mm×650mm 
   Machine power 3kW
Suction Inlet φ100mm
Machine weight 200kg


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