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SD-1850 Special Electronic Saw For Light Guide Plate And Optical Plate

(Sawable guide size: 1850mm length * 1850mm width * 60mm height)




1.The special electronic saw for light guide plate specializes in thecharacteristics and processing technology of optical grade plates such as light guide panels. Optimize dust suction and table floating bead structure, lthas the characteristics of high precision no damage to the plate, fast cutting and extremely clean debris collection.。

2.For the traditional manual cutting board saw the advantages of the electronic saw are high safety high efficiency. high precision and easy operation.



High quality panasonic controller PLC

Upgrade the front and rear dust collection structure ot the machine,more thorough vacuuming

♦ Dedicated positioning push plate mode,easy feeding and plate protection at the same time

The guide rail adopts imported brands,and the Sawing straightness≤0.06mm,with high precision and heavy load.imported servo control is specially used for light guide plate,optical plate

Easily transport materials,steel bead type air-floating feeding table to avoid the surface scratches of the material sheet

Simplified,easy-to-learn control systems are dedicated to light guide plate,optical plate


Main technical parameters:


Unit type GX-2600X GX-1850
Scope of application Light guide plate
Dimensions[L*W*H] 5120mm×5085mm×1920mm 2993mm×4541mm×1760mm
Sawing length 2600mm 1850mm
Sawing width 2600mm 1850mm
Sawing thickness 80mm 60mm
Dia.of main saw blade φ305-405mm φ305-405mm
Axis dia.of main saw blade φ30mm φ30mm
Rotate speed of main saw blade 2000- 5000rpm(frequency control of motor speed) 2000- 5000rpm(frequency control of motor speed )
Dia of grooving saw blade
Axis dia.of grooving saw blade 无 
Rotate speed of grooving saw blade
Saw carriage forward speed 1-30m/min 1-30m/min
Saw carriage back speed 60m/min 60m/min
Head saw motor 11KW 7.5KW
Saw base drive motor 1000W (Imported servo ) 750W(Imported servo )
Automatic feeding motor 1000W( Imported servo ) 750W(Imported servo  )
High pressure blower motor 2.2KW 2.2KW
Total power 16KW 12KW
Automatic feeding speed 0- 50m/min 0-50m/min
Operation pressure 5-7kg/cm² 5- 7kg/cm2
Workbench height 960mm 940mm
Machine net weight 4200kg 3300kg


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