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SD-1460SX/1460SZX Acrylic Double-side High-speed Polishing Machine




SD-1460SX/1460SZXAcrylic Double-side High-speed Polisher



USing Japanese Panasonic servo motor control accuracy

♦ Japanese Panasonic servo with Taiwan TGB screw

♦ Three-axis control with touch screen operation

Taiwan brand pneumatic parts

The whole machine adopts the natural marble with stability and not deformation




  1.SD-1460SZX/1460SX double-sided high-speed polisher,with th processing precision of ±0.03mm,is specially designed for the enterprises with high precision requirements on light guide plate production and can be used for processing the light guide plates,liquid crystal displays and panel lights with the processing dimension within 1350mm(L)*(55-600mm)(W)*140mm(T)



  2.The minimun width of the machine can reach 55mm.It can process the PMMA craft product with high-preccision and high-speed requirements;


  3.The whole machine adopts the natural marble with stability and not deformation; 


  4.It has the own anti-collision function;



  5.No adjustment,fast installation ,accurate adjustment,the tool is directly installed in place,without adjustment,simple operation and fast material clamping;



  6.1460SZX three axis digital automatic adjustment of the size,the size of the adjustment of the Japanese Panasonic servo;



  7.1460SX digital size adjustment size using Japan Panasonic servo; 



  8.1460SX presser foot with manual adjustment,the structure is stable,practical,economical;



  9.The unique moving suction structure makes the suction effect more prominent; 







Unit type 1460SZX 1460SX
Machine size 3600mm(L)×2200mm(W)×1600mm(H) 3600mm(L)×2200mm(W)×1600mm(H)
Power supply AC380 AC380
Work area 1350mm(L)×(55- 600)mm(W)×140mm 1350mm(L)×(55-600)mm(W)×140mm
Spindle speed 6000- 12000rpm 6000-12000rpm
Processing speed 0-10m 0-10m
Moving speed 0- 2m/min 0-2m/min
Cutting angle  0°(can be customized angle) 0°(可订做角度)
Air pressure input ≥0.5mpa ≥0.5mpa
Machine power 4.5kw (Plus suction mouth 3kw) 4.5kw (Plus suction mouth 3kw)
Work accuracy 0.03mm 0.03mm
Size adjustment control Automatic Automatic
Presser foot control adjustment Automatic Manually
Processing way The workpiece  feed The workpiece  feed
Cutting depth 0.1-1.5mm 0.1-1.5mm
Dust collector pipe Dia φ100mm φ100mm
Machine weight 4000kg 4000kg

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